Dog walks owner to brand new apartment and home life

Date posted 09/07/2024

Following his divorce, Martyn Frewer was in rented accommodation for two years but was hoping that he could get back onto the property ladder to give himself more security and the freedom to make a real home once more.

“I knew I had a fairly small window of opportunity to get a mortgage again due to my age and was keen not to waste too much time once I received pre-approval from the bank,” says Martyn. “It was on my regular dog walk that I was able to watch the advancement of Garrison Point in Chatham and see the progress of the development. It was while I was out on one of my regular walks, that I decided to drop by the sales office to see what was available.”

The development in Medway, Kent comprises 106 one and two-bedroom apartments with Chatham’s town centre with all its amenities just moments away. However, what appealed to Martyn, and his dog, was the greenery and parkland that surrounds the development, ideal for peace and quiet and lovely walks.

Martyn’s previous home had been a Georgian family house and although he enjoyed living there, it wasn’t without its problems as he says: “The general upkeep and ensuring it was heated was definitely challenging. When I rented, I had a modern apartment, and it was just much easier, more comfortable and of course more economical. Although I hadn’t bought new before, I realised that this would be a good choice for my next home.”

When Martyn visited the sales centre, he quickly realised that the two-bedroom apartments that were available would tick all the boxes for him. “It was a bit of luck that I took that route on the dog walk because as soon as I visited it, I realised that it would have everything that I needed,” says Martyn. “I can walk out of the door pretty much onto the park, it is close to the train station and my son goes to the local school. I really didn’t want to waste time, especially with mortgage rates rising.”

The only concern for Martyn was buying off-plan, something that he had no experience of as he explains: “I’m not usually comfortable with this sort of risk taking but the team were very good at reassuring me, showing me plans and a very similar property so I was confident to go ahead. Throughout the process, they kept me informed of what was happening and even when I was concerned that my tenancy agreement was nearing the end, it all worked out fine and I was able to move into the apartment on time.”

Having lived in the area of Gillingham for the best part of 13 years after moving from a flat in south London to a house, he’s very familiar with the surroundings but is looking forward to seeing how this development impacts the area.

“It’s a very historic place and there has been a lot of regeneration already both here and the surrounding towns” explains Martyn. “The Medway Development Company have also invested in and around the area such as creating parklands and along the waterfront. There’s a friendly community of dog walkers and I enjoy popping into the local coffee shop on days I work from home.”

Martyn is delighted to finally be back onto the property ladder as he explains: “It really is a massive weight off my mind, and I feel very settled here. It’s not only me that feels rooted and grounded here, but also it is great that my son has his own room and knows that this is his home too. Of course, the dog loves it as there are plenty of other dogs and lovely places to enjoy our walks in the parkland. When the sun comes out, I’m also looking forward to sitting on the balcony and enjoying the outside space.”